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For every 20 kids in rural China, 
1 makes it to college.

It's one thing to see 50 children crammed tightly into a single classroom. It's another to hear nothing but their monotonous recitation of lines from the textbook and smell the stench of nearby sewage during a test. But despite being suppressed by the mechanical curriculum and gloomy environment around them, these students still hold an unmistakable desire to learn.  And that is our window.

A classroom can be as simple as desks, chairs, and a blackboard. But education cannot be just textbooks, memorization, and recitations. 

Spring Sprouts is determined to add the how and why to education in rural China.

As Spring Sprouts brings teachers from countries around the world, we want to change the perception of education for the students in these villages. We believe that the daunting task of what one has to learn diminishes once they know how to learn and why to learn. Through a curriculum developed around independent study, memory techniques, and practical usage, we help these kids develop the tools and passion needed to educate themselves wherever they may be.

What We Do

At Spring Sprouts, we hope to make learning more effective for children in rural china. Click below to see how we turned a couple of retired tables and chairs into a classroom for hundreds of students!

Recent Projects

From toilet renovations to rewiring air-conditioners, Spring Sprouts is determined to provide an enjoyable environment for both teachers and students. Click below to see what we've done so far and how you can get involved!

Meet the Team

Spring Sprouts has members coming from around the world, each bringing their own culture and education style to the village in rural China. Click below to meet our team of amazing volunteers!

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